Cycle7 is a consultancy with unique perspective and experience, covering theory and practice in a new field that is rapidly evolving.  Cycle7 develops energy efficiency and clean generation projects, acts as financial advisor to other developers, and consults on energy efficiency finance for governments, non-profits, and private funds.  It has negotiated and closed first-of-their-kind transactions in energy efficiency, helped to start the first private equity-backed energy efficiency funds, and launched market transformative policy efforts for energy efficiency. 


Sean Neillis a pioneer in energy efficiency and energy policy  After  nearly a decade designing and managing energy efficiency programs, he founded Cycle7 to play a more direct role in policy and

transactional work.  His accomplishments include several firsts - the first Managed Energy Services Agreement in New York City, a first-of-its-kind tri-gen facility on Staten Island, the first comprehensive retrofits of a Public Housing Authority implemented without and Energy Services Company or a guarantee. With the Environmental Defense Fund he founded the Investor Confidence Project, and with the Natural Resources Defense Council he co-founded the Green Lease Forum.

Brian Hunt has spent his 20yr career working on a wide range of real asset investment activities as a principal, advisor and fiduciary. Mr. Hunt has worked in acquisitions, capital raising, development, asset and portfolio management

and investor relations within various real asset classes, including traditional real estate, farmland, renewable energy, energy efficiency and green infrastructure.  His experience spans working for the nation’s largest office REIT (BXP), start-up and mature private funds, development firms, one of the nation’s largest industrials, one of the nation’s largest ESCO’s and several entrepreneurial ventures.  He is also an advisor in the sustainability sector particularly on matters at the intersection of finance and the energy, agricultural/food, and waste systems.  He possesses a keen understanding of institutional investment processes, capital markets and market fundamentals underpinning traditional and alternative real assets.

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